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The Agricultural Sector in our world of sales and marketing consists of parties who are selling:

  1. Soil
  2. Seeds
  3. Specialty products to enrich the soil
  4. Trees, Grass, Fruit and/or Vegetables
  5. Fertilizer manufacturers
  6. Hydroponics Solutions
  7. Ingredients for the food sector
  8. The food sector
  9. Organic Agriculture and Foods
  10. Cannabis
  11. Products extracted from animals
    • Consumer Health Products
    • Pet Care Products
    • Consumer Care Products

The USA is made of many Agricultural players and the quality of products are deemed high. Growers or producers who want to increase sales both domestically and international can do so using the internet. This includes, selling seeds, fresh fruit and flowers right through to equipment for the Agricultural sector. Growers tend to have a very traditional sales model which is great but why not add another sales channel using eCommerce. Your competitors in other countries are already doing this for example Colombia is exporting fresh flowers direct to our homes in the USA and China is exporting seeds direct to USA consumers. It is time the world enjoyed the option of buying USA grown products.

Our team is very active with California's farming sector in the Inland Empire and wish to encourage all growers and farmers throughout California to think about eCommerce as a method of innovating in sales and marketing. Our Chief Marketing Strategist, Hema Dey will guide you through a step by step approach. Hema recently moderated an eCommerce conference as a partner of the Riverside Office of Foreign Trade.

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