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Are you immersed in the elevator industry? Are you selling on the internet using eCommerce? If you are manufacturing or distributing elevator components be it drives, doors, light curtains, to gear boxes, be it B2B or B2C you should be selling this using eCommerce. Why? The traditional model of having manufacturer reps is still existent but why not create an alternative sales strategy that will bring in a new stream and different type of customer for your business? If you aren't doing it, your competitor will.

Our value to you is:

  1. An understanding of the elevator industry with personnel who are very knowledgable technically but also in marketing and sales from the elevator industry.
  2. The ability to create a platform that can be of value to your customers so they can buy and pay easily. You will be innovating an industry that has long been seen as traditional.
  3. Take it one more step further and you are able to provide with a mobile app so there is customer engagement at all times during down times, repairs and service logs.

We can create eCommerce websites that are dedicated to the customer you work with be it, OEM's, Independents and or Property Developers, share your strategy with our Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and we will be able to customize a platform for your business specifically for the elevator industry.  This will simplify the sales process, you get reviews directly on your website and your customers are able to purchase on their phones/tablets and desktops as required. We can also set up different inventory locations for you across the United States and Internationally.

To add value to the process, we are able to create mobile apps that can either:

  1. Create better branding and interaction with your customers.
  2. Create better efficiencies in running your business

Servicing Elevators a great case for a Mobile Apps:

Elevator Service company's can benefit from having a mobile app also so that when an elevator goes down, a service person can be sent out or spare parts can be purchased through the mobile app. Many more features can be included as well depending on the business. We are able to custom build features specific to enrich your customer experience and loyalty and increase internal efficiencies.

Why the elevator industry? Hema Dey, CEO, CMO and International Marketer has a passion for this sector after her dynamic and successful time working in sales and marketing internationally for Halma PLC. She understands the sector well and will work with you to create a winning marketing strategy using eCommerce. Her colleagues within the sector are well versed on operations and logistics as well and this is a sector that will benefit greatly working with us. Meet her elevator experts as part of the project when you start working with her.

We welcome the elevator industry across the USA to speak to us about innovating your sales process. Because of the industry you are in, there specific online marketing techniques that matter, and we can assist you in understanding what is relevant for your business be it, social media, search engine optimization and online advertising. Book an appointment now.....HERE

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